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Audio Books

I am reading at a speed that is comfortable for learners of the French Language.

So wether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced student of the French Language, these audio books can be adapted to your level!

Here are some recommendations according to your level:

Beginner level:

Find yourself the book in French first. You can find the ebook easily for free on the internet. 

Read a chapter by yourself first. Concentrate on the words you know more than the words you don't know.

Then listen to that same chapter without your book, to try to recognize some of the words.

Then listen again and read with me. It doesn't matter if you cannot speak at the same speed as me yet, just try with the repetition and with time you will see a quick improvement. 

Intermediate level:

Listen to the audio first to see how much you can understand. Listen a few times if needed and then read the chapter at the same time.

Advanced level:

After you listen to one chapter, try to summarize it with your own words.

My first book (for now!)


Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupery

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