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See what are the frequently asked questions for our French Residential stay

Do you teach children?


Sorry, but no. I just specialise in teaching French to adults.


Do I need to rent a car?


Renting a car is not an obligation, we can pick you up at the nearest train station but we highly recommend renting a car if you wish to explore the surroundings.


Where can I rent a car?


You will find car rental agencies either at the airport or at the train station.


What is the maximum number of guests you can host?


We can host up to 4 people travelling together.


Can I do an immersion even though I am a complete beginner?


Yes, we welcome all levels from complete beginners to those who just want to further polish their French.


Can you give me a certificate for my place of work?


As a DELF/DALF examiner, I can help you prepare for an exam at level A1 (Basic) through to C2 (Fluent) and all the levels between, but you will still need to attend an examination center to have an internationally recognised qualification.


What materials do I need to bring?


Nothing, I will provide pens and paper for the lessons.

What can I visit in the area?

Please have a look at our special section Explore the region

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