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C'est combien?

Online lessons - Meet - Zoom or Skype


No matter your level, I can give you expert tuition to help you improve your French Language.

To attend these sessions, you need a high-speed internet connection, a computer and a valid Meet, Zoom or Skype account.

Each lesson must be arranged and paid for in advance.

We both agree upon a specific date and time via e-mail - and then let's enjoy it!


Each lesson will be paid in advance.

I usually do a mix of conversational, grammar and pronunciation in 1 hour class.

1hour: 50 euros 

Buy 5 classes: 225 euros

"Her explanations are concise and straight to the point which is something I very much appreciate." Reo, Japan

"The classes are lots of fun; she has a great sense of humor. And if I’m not understanding a grammatical concept in French, she’s willing to switch to English to make sure I’m getting it." Sheila, USA

"Her approach is different.  I asked for her help with the subjunctif...the thing many students have come to dread.  Rather than share the traditional tables of what is and isn't subjunctif, we started small, focusing on just a few things until they came to me easily.  My confidence grew as we got further and further into it." Susan, USA

"It was so hard for me to speak French before. But now, it's getting better and better. I can naturally use the grammar and she corrected a lot of my pronunciation mistakes. I can see the big difference after having classes with her, even if only one month."

Hilda, China

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