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Feel at home in Your French holiday house!

Feel at home in your French holiday house

No need to commute from a hotel to your private French school, your teacher comes and meets you in your own accommodation!

The house is ideally located, in a quiet little street, just a stone's throw from the white sand beaches, walking distance to the supermarket and restaurants! Buy your fresh fish straight on the harbor and come back via la boulangerie!

There is wifi and good coverage for cell phone. 

We do not provide a computer or a tablet for the student but you are welcome to bring your own.

Speaking French and being understood are very important in your learning process and I noticed that it is closely related to your ability to understand the language. A good pronunciation comes with a good listening and it participates to gain confidence.

You will be able to practice your listening skills with DVD's of French movies as well in your TV corner.

There is also a shelve with some books and brochures that might interest you to choose your excursion and know a bit more about the region and our location.

The 2 bedrooms and one bathroom are located on the first floor. Both bedrooms have twin beds that can be turned into queen size beds.
There is also a separate toilet downstairs.


You do not need to all be interested in learning the language. Your partner or friends might want to join you just for enjoying a peaceful holiday in our beautiful settings!

Your house has a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. There is a coffee machine, a toaster, a dish-washer, a fridge, an oven and a cooking hob.

You will have your own private terrace overlooking the rose trees, allowing you to choose when you want to have a bit of peace and quiet on your own!

There is also a barbecue you can use and 2 bikes you can borrow.

There is a car space just in front of your house if you wish to rent a car. There are plenty of nice walks to do around but if you wish to explore the region we recommend you to rent a car to be more independant.

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