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How to get to your French Course in Brittany

Come and enjoy Learning the beautiful French Language with

Your Life in French!

Do you want to visit Brittany as you heard it is now becoming one of the most attractive region for French people or maybe, you already visited the romantic city of Paris, the south of France, the region of Bordeaux and now, you want to carry on exploring more of France?

Whatever the reason, we are delighted to guide you in your discovery of the country by learning French in France in one of the most beautiful and authentic region: Brittany!

See below, it is very easy to come to us!

Here are 3 suggestions to reach your French Language school from Paris.
If you are coming to France from the UK you will find Ferries from Portsmouth and Plymouth!

According the length of your stay in France, here are some suggestions. If you need any advice or have any question, please contact us, we are happy to help!


Paris Brittany

Train Paris-Quimper: 3h45

if you come especially to us and do not have time to look around on the way, that is the best option!

Circuit 1

Paris Bretagne
  1. Rent a car in Paris

  2. Drive 4 hours to Le Mont Saint Michel

  3. Drive 50 minutes and visit Saint Malo

  4. Drive approx 3 hours and you arrived!

With your choice of spending nights here and there, personally I love St Malo!

Circuit 2

how to get to your French homestay
  1. Train Paris-Rennes1h30    OR Train Paris-Nantes 2h

  2. Rent a car at train station

  3. Drive1h30 and visit Vannes

  4. Drive approx 2 hours and you arrived!

With your choice of spending nights here and there, Vannes is very typical!

If you want to be more independent and to discover the fascinating area on your own, we strongly suggest renting a car. There’s a parking space right outside the entrance of your house. Note that roads in Brittany are very easy, lots of free highway to go from a place to another.

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