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Why do a French Immersion Stay in France?

1- A French immersion stay will help you build your confidence

How does confidence affect learning?

Learning the language in immersion is a fun and effective way to improve your French.

It is completely normal to be afraid to make mistakes or mispronounce words and not being understood! Having learnt English myself abroad, I have lots of little anecdotes of moments where I felt stupid at the time and now, of course, I just like to laugh about them!
After 17 years of experience teaching French, I would like to say that for most of my students, the success of learning a language is mainly related to self-confidence. Whether they are at beginner or advanced level, they first need to relax. Then they can get rid off their fear to speak French and progress further.

Compared to a conventional school, you will see that it is easy to build confidence together, in the comfort of your own house or around a glass of wine in the garden!

Building confidence affects learning because you increase your motivation when you realise you can speak freely.
That is why it is very important for me to make you feel comfortable and relaxed from day one. I will encourage you to make mistakes (oui oui!) for you to engage more fully in the learning process AND enjoy it!

"At the beginning of the week I was hesitant to speak French.  By the end of the week I found myself enthusiastically speaking French to everyone who would listen" 
​Peter, USA

2- A Residential stay will provide you with an authentic experience

Staying with us during your French holiday is a unique experience.

Living in our village means living like a French person.
Experiencing moments that you would never have by staying in a hotel and enjoying places you would never find in guide books or brochures.
It is true it can sometimes be tiring to travel! Jumping from one train to an other, rushing back to the hotel before going out for dinner, changing bed every other night, organizing the next day visit...and eating healthily while travelling, is not always easy! You know what I mean, right?
At YourlLifeinFrench you don't have to worry about any of that. You will feel at home, you will enjoy the garden as if it was yours.

So learning French by immersion is a real authentic experience, allowing you to be yourself in a French environment, you will explore much more than the language. You will meet with your French identity, feel emotions, let your brain surprise you and you might even dream in French!

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