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Over 70 positive Reviews! - Read the last 40 Recent Google reviews HERE

See what my students are saying. I am so lucky! I thank them all for these kind words.

All the students that appear to be on these pages were like you one day! They were looking for a French language course in France or online. A different way to learn the language, an incredible adventure to live, a full experience.

Please note that these reviews mention the region of Bordeaux where we settled our first French school, now we moved to Brittany and our expertise remains the same!!

November 2023, James,  Canada

“One of my goals in learning French, is to pass the B1 DELF exam. Edwige gave me specific tips on how to improve my speaking and listening skills and I can't thank her enough, it was SO useful!"

September 2023, Residential stay, Janet, UK

I am a beginner in speaking French, over 50 and I thought it would be impossible to learn a language at my age. Edwige prooved me wrong! She was patient and understanding and she made learning fun!

August 2023, Residential stay, Debbie, Australia

I had an amazing week! I feel much more confident with my French after spending only a week with Edwige.  Her tips and methods were very helpful. By the end of the week, I felt that I have improved and I know clearly what I should focus on in my future French learning journey. Merci Edwige!

July 2023, Residential stay, Stephen, USA

This was an experience in French language immersion. It was a wonderful and helpful experience in a small town nestled in the wine country outside of Bordeaux. . Edwige, the teacher, is able to assess strengths and weaknesses quite readily in the level of French proficiency and in a way that helps the student to feel comfortable. She uses a number of teaching techniques that make learning effective, playful and fun! The teaching experience addresses grammar, vocabulary, listening and especially, speaking. There are opportunities to walk to a local `epicerie, optional longer excursions into nearby areas of interest such as St. Emilion near Bordeaux. These, as well as the daily lessons that took place on a lovely outdoor porch overlooking expansive vineyards, provide an encounter with the language and culture that is très agrèable. Anyone who comes to learn with Edwige can expect to get a great deal from doing so. I would highly recommend this experience.

June 2023, Residential stay, Fran et David, Australia

It gives us great pleasure to write a review of Lifeinfrench-Bordeaux. 


We are Australian retirees and have been learning French for about 7 years. This is our second language immersion with Edwige, along with several months of private lessons on-line during COVID lockdowns. 


Edwige is an excellent teacher of French to foreigners. She has a special gift for being able to simplify complex grammar and explain it in ways that are easy to understand and remember. 


Her exercises on repetition were playful and dramatically reduced the gap between our understanding of written French and our ability to comprehend spoken French and to speak more fluently. We now have a special fondness for reflexive verbs in the passé composé and that tricky little word “en”!


The setting for the classes is very tranquil and the gîte comfortable. The view from the private garden of the gîte is lovely, overlooking as it does, vineyards, forest and tiny villages.


We cannot recommend Edwige more highly and look forward to being able to return to France and do another immersion with her in the future. 

May 2023, Residential stay, Charles, Australia

Edwige is an experienced teacher with great perception and intuition such that she immediately understood where I was at with my French and what would best suit me. The cottage accommodation is ideal and I particularly enjoyed my walks with her getting to know the beautiful area and the lifestyle. Edwige went above and beyond to make my whole experience super enjoyable and memorable!

May 2023, Residential stay, Trudy and Grant, Canada

My husband and I spent 5 wonderful days with Edwidge. She was an amazing tutor who understood both of our personalities and was able to easily understand our needs when learning the French language. I tend to learn best when my surroundings are fun! Edwidge surrounded us with fun and humour , taking us on outings to the market, out for walks in the countryside, and to the local shop and cafe. As my confidence grew so did my French. I now have the tools to speak to the people I have met in France with greater ease.
My husband had being duolingo for three years. Edwige was able to provide him with tools for forming sentences (past, present and future) that duolingo simply didn’t. He became much more comfortable and confident speaking French as a result.
Where you stay is in a beautiful rural location with amazing country views!! It was spectacular!! We honestly can’t say enough good things about Edwige as a teacher and as a person!! We had an amazing experience!!
Merci Edwige!!!! We had so much fun!!

May 2023, Residential stay, Josh, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed my French course with Edwige. She is a fabulous teacher who cleverly adapts her teaching style to best suit her students. She has a great sense of humour and an array of entertaining cats. I learnt and I laughed. The apartment is lovely with a beautiful view over grapevines and of course, the wine is an added bonus.

March 2023, Residential stay, Marijke, Netherlands

Edwige is an excellent teacher. She personalises and adjusts the lessons to the preferences (and level) of the student. And more: the combination of following the course and having a vacation is perfect. The gite is fully equiped. I have followed the course and my husband hasn’t! Despite of that he has not ennoying himself for a minute. Thanks to the beautiful environment, the little villages and - last but not least- the excellent wines and wineries. Therefore I can absolutely recommend Edwige! She’s a teacher that won’t disappoint you!

March 2023, Residential stay, Genevieve et Douglas, USA

Edwige is an experienced teacher with great perception and intuition such that she immediately understood where I was at with my French and what would best suit me. The cottage accommodation is ideal and I particularly enjoyed my walks with her getting to know the beautiful area and the lifestyle. Edwige went above and beyond to make my whole experience super enjoyable and memorable!

October 2022, Residential stay, Megan, USA

Edwige immediately made me feel comfortable. She is the most warm and lovely person, as well as an excellent teacher. I felt challenged but not overwhelmed, and also had fun at the same time. The apartment is well -equipped and has gorgeous views over the vineyards. My week with Edwige was so special. My only regret is not having had more time.

October 2022, Susan, USA


Mon immersion avec Edwige a dépassé mes attentes.  Edwige a su cerner mes faiblesses pour me permettre d'améliorer considérablement mon français lors de mon court séjour de 10 jours (7 cours).  C'est une excellente enseignante.  Elle a été extrêmement patiente, stimulante et a gardé mon attention pendant cette expérience intensive.  Je recommande de tout cœur l'immersion avec Edwige.  J'ai aussi beaucoup apprécié mon séjour dans son gîte de campagne confortable situé dans une belle partie de la région bordelaise.

My immersion with Edwige exceeded my expectations. Edwige was able to identify my weaknesses to allow me to considerably improve my French during my short stay of 10 days (7 lessons). She is an excellent teacher. She was extremely patient, nurturing and kept my attention during this intensive experience. I wholeheartedly recommend immersion with Edwige. I also very much enjoyed my stay at his cozy country cottage in a beautiful part of the Bordeaux region.

September 2022, Residential stay, Clare, USA


Une experience inoubliable!!!

My husband and I spent a week with Edwige enhancing our French. It was truly an unforgettable and unique experience.
From the moment we arrived, Edwige made us feel so welcome and completely at home. Her warm and friendly nature makes you feel like old friends! The property was great with everything we needed for a week, and a beautiful little outdoor area to enjoy some vin rouge and cheese in the evening.

The classes themselves were challenging but always fun. Edwige is truly talented making learning fun and practical. We loved visiting the local market and practicing while picking up some local produce. She is also a wonderful cook (but she will say she is not!!) so lunch times were very enjoyable.

The village nearby was super; we loved going to the local l’epicerie for a morning espresso before class and meeting the locals. There were also lots of great restaurants and wineries a short drive away

I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the French language and culture. It is a time we will always treasure.

August 2022, Residential stay, Dawn and Alex, Canada


We are a couple from Edmonton, Alberta and spent 12 days with Edwige learning French on site in Donzac, France at the end of August, 2022. We were both at different levels of French and with different immediate goals for learning the language as well.

Edwige very quickly was able to assess our learning needs, styles, levels and develop an approach that worked perfectly for us both. She is masterful at reading people and adapting learning curriculums. She introduced us both to creative and memorable tools, tips and tricks that we will surely never forget.

The immersion environment was something else. Donzac is a very small community encircled by vineyards. Expect peace, quiet, a charming cottage and the ability to rest and take in rural France and beautiful wine country. There is also a lot to see within a short drive, which can give you the option for sight-seeing with a car. We did a fair bit, which was a bit tiring on top of the French lessons, but we took all tours in French and used the opportunity for maximum interaction with others. People were kind to humour our language skills “en formation” and responded in French (which we wanted). This was substantially different than larger cities or tourist places where people working in the service industry will switch to English at the first opportunity if they detect an accent or hesitation. For this reason, we would highly recommend the immersion experience in this location.

Aside from a high level of professionalism, Edwige is the kindest of people, as a person and instructor. She is warm, inviting, thoughtful, good-humoured and open-minded. She cares about people’s learning and their success and that is easy to see.

If you are looking for a personalized learning experience with an exceptional instructor to work with you from wherever you are, you will love this immersion program. It was an unforgettable experience for us that we would already like to repeat!

July 2022, Residential stay, Lisa, USA


I recently completed an immersion week with Edwich and I can’t recommend her highly enough. The minute I arrived, she instantly put me at ease, and we hit the ground running in French. She astutely assessed my level during a tasty crepe dinner while overlooking beautiful vineyards, and adapted our lessons accordingly. What impressed me the most (other than her unwavering patience and laid-back style) was her ability to diversify lessons using various techniques, such as fun games, exercises, videos and conversation. She also explained concepts in a way I got, even after years of taking lessons. In addition to our daily three-hour lesson (see photos for views from my “classroom”), Edwich created excellent opportunities for learning to happen naturally and spontaneously, such as during walks, an excursion, or trips to the local épicerie. My level not only improved with her, but so did my confidence; I found myself wanting to talk instead of shying away from conversation. There’s also something magical about her gorgeous surroundings that instantly allows you to relax and connect with the moment. The git (self-catering cottage) was very comfortable and had everything I needed. The stunning vineyard view makes it particularly special. Also, given my stay was during a heatwave, the stone walls allowed it to stay surprisingly cool. I was delighted by Edwich’s breakfast basket the first morning (which included homemade baked bread, jam, granola, fruit and local cheese), and the meals she prepared were all fresh and delicious. I was in awe of her ability to whip up something simple that I’d love, and I felt very well looked after. I honestly did not want to leave, even though I had a spa weekend in Bordeaux waiting for me. I’m already looking at my diary to plan a return trip next year!

July 2022, Residential stay, Tracey and Stu, Australia


My husband and I stayed with Edwige at her gorgeous cottage for a week of immersion. Her kind and warm manner instantly put us at ease. Edwige is a very experienced and patient teacher and she quickly assessed our French levels and adapted her lessons to suit us. Edwige uses lots of different activities and games to keep the lessons interesting and develop both speaking and listening skills. It was a challenging but fun week that definitely improved our French. I highly recommend the fantastic immersion experience Edwige has created.

Juin 2021 Immersion Stay: David, UK

Learning French France

Had an absolutely fantastic week studying French with Edwige. My wife and I had a great time and Edwige is a brilliant teacher. The classes were tailored to our needs, they were enjoyable and we both made great progress. The week's stay was absolutely ideal for us: great food, great company (Edwige and John are great hosts) and lots chances to practice and improve French both in and out of class. I highly recommend 'Life in French' as a way to learn the language.

Année 2021 Online : Reo, Japan


I embarked on my French journey last December and Edwige has taught me since. I had absolutely no prior knowledge in French but her interactive and engaging approach made French learning stress-free and fun from the beginning. We started off with very basic conversations and then from around third lesson she gradually introduced me to French grammars. Her explanations are concise and straight to the point which is something I very much appreciate. She leads each lesson with a good balance of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and also gives varied homework each week (e.g. recordings, video, grammar exercise) which I enjoy a lot.

She’s brilliantly well prepared but what stands out most to me is how patient and supportive she is. I also admire her passion for teaching and for the language. As a learner, nothing is more motivating than having a teacher who is passionate about what they’re doing. From absolute zero to writing a short book summary in the first 10 lessons and I’m very grateful for her lessons and for her support and kindness. Edwige is a gifted lovely teacher who always goes above and beyond for each class and I’m looking forward to taking my French to a more advanced level with her. Merci beaucoup, Edwige!

Année 2021 Online : Robert, USA


It is a joy to take French lessons with Edwige. I have been taking classes with her via Zoom since last summer. We have so much fun. She asks me what I want to learn; and, then assigns exercises in grammar where I am weak. Then we have discussions in French that utilize the grammar. She also sends me short videos that are at my level. We then discuss the videos. She is very creative and she speaks perfect English which is handy for me since je ne parle pas francais couramment. Can't wait to take classes with her in person once we can travel again.

Année 2021 Online : Sheila, USA


I’ve been studying via Zoom from the U.S. with Edwige for several months, and I couldn’t be more pleased with what I’m learning. She’s by far the best French teacher I’ve ever had. At the beginning, Edwige asked what I want to learn. I told her I wanted to learn street French, not formal French, and she often shows me the way a regular French person would say something.

The classes are lots of fun; she has a great sense of humor. And if I’m not understanding a grammatical concept in French, she’s willing to switch to English to make sure I’m getting it. Because comprehending spoken French is one of my issues, she often gives homework in a recording, rather than in print. Afterwards, she always sends written notes.

I hope to continue these classes for a long time – and also to work with Edwige in person when it’s possible for me to travel to France again.

Année 2020- 2021 Online : Tara, UK, Living in France


I'm so lucky to have discovered Edwige. She makes learning really fun and easy and she has helped me build my confidence in the French language. She is such a patient teacher and I recommend her highly. My trouble will be ever letting her go!

Année 2020- 2021 Online & Immersion Stay : Martin, Germany


Since 6 month I am having private lessons with Edwige on Skype.
I am really happy with her and I can recommend her as a French teacher.
She is really flexible in terms of time.
She makes me talk a lot and helps me with the French pronunciation, which is quite difficult for me. Already after a few weeks she recognized my strengh and weaknesses.
Her lessons are always interesting and helpful.
It is also important for me that she is able (if necessary) to explain things in English.

Année 2020- 2021 Online : Kaid, USA


The best thing about working with Edwige is that she makes learning a language fun. And the next best thing is that she works with her students to customize the exercises to fit each one’s particular needs and preferences. I also love that we speak mostly French during our sessions but also use English when we need to in order to be efficient with our progress.

I’m an American living in the US and have been working with Edwige in weekly sessions over Zoom for about three months so far, and I hope this is only the beginning. I consider myself an intermediate learner of French who needs to build confidence in speaking the language. I have worked with many teachers and apps over the years, but have never enjoyed myself more while learning and improving.

Année 2020- 2021 Online : Carlien, Australia


French lessons can reach you wherever you are! My weekly lessons with Edwige make me feel like I am spending this time actually in France even though that is an impossibility for me and many others right now. My learning experience is well targeted to my interests and very motivating, always backed up with prompt written feedback such as corrections and advice. It is a small immersion each week.

Année 2020- 2021 Online : Olivia, UK


I highly recommend Edwige and have thoroughly enjoyed her lessons! She is a fantastic French teacher and thoughtfully plans each lesson so it's customised to the student. I have experienced having lessons both in her lovely cottage and online - even online the lessons are still fun and interactive!!

Août 2021 Immersion Stay: Sheila, USA

French language Immersion

I've just done an immersion week with Edwige (August, 2021).
If you’ve ever been tempted to take a French immersion week, I definitely recommend this one! I worried that three hours of speaking French will be hard, but instead it was delightful. Edwige is a very intuitive teacher. She focuses on what you need to learn, not a pre-planned program used for everyone at your level. We began every morning playing a word game, and during that time she was able to assess what I specifically needed to learn that day. I was surprised how much better my French was in just a few short sessions.

During the week, Edwige cooks luscious and healthy lunches every day. I was there in August and we ate outside overlooking the vineyards, drinking a bit of local wine and telling stories. It was just about perfect. In fact, I’ve already booked my week with Edwige again next year.

Année 2020 Online : Betty et Tom, USA

Betty et Tom.jpeg

Our week of immersion with Edwige was cancelled but we decided to do Skype lessons instead.  It’s been great!  She makes both of us feel comfortable and finds ways to challenge each of us at our different levels.  She’s a lot of fun - hopefully we can travel next year & have a week of immersion Chez-Elle.  We highly recommend her!
It’s as close to a trip to France as possible for this year for us.  And then try to cook some French meals too. :-)

Année 2020 Online : Susan, USA

I have had many french teachers in my journey to learn the language and Edwige is by far the best!  I am learning how to actually use the language, not just complete the exercises in a book.  Her approach is different.  I asked for her help with the subjunctif...the thing many students have come to dread.  Rather than share the traditional tables of what is and isn't subjunctif, we started small, focusing on just a few things until they came to me easily.  My confidence grew as we got further and further into it. 

Her approach is easy and practical and in a week of one hour Skype lessons, I feel that I have progressed as if having had weeks of traditional immersion. 

I had to cancel my immersion due to the Covid 19 quarrantine but I very much look forward to rescheduling when it is safe to do so.  I recommend Edwige highly for anyone wanting to learn or progress their knowledge of french.

Année 2020 Online : Katherine, USA


I love taking French lessons with Madame Edwige because she is an engaging, fun teacher and she motivates me to work harder on my French speaking capabilities. The best part about speaking a foreign language is being able to converse with other individuals, and Madame Edwige always finds ways to keep the conversation interesting and fluent. She creates a stress-free, easy-going environment that is perfect for beginner and advanced students alike. However, this does not mean that she lets silly speaking errors slide, and you will always leave the lesson an improved French student. I hope to continue with Madame Edwige as long as I can! 

Année 2020 Online : Hilda, Chine


Hello, everyone. I have been studying French for one month with Edwige. 

I would  definitely recommend you to study with her. She is so kind and patient. Each class, we practice grammar and oral, after class we also have some homework to do. It was so hard for me to speak French before. But now, it's getting better and better. I can naturally use the grammar and she corrected a lot of my pronunciation mistakes. I can see the big difference after having classes with her, even if only one month.


I hope one day I can visit her in her beautiful garden.

Mars 2020 Immersion Stay : Jill, Australia


I had a one week immersion with Edwige in March 2020. Even with the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic I had a marvellous week. Edwige is a sensational teacher: she has such a good understanding of how to teach, and she is endlessly patient and kind. She made me feel comfortable speaking French, even when I made so many mistakes, and had bad habits that I kept repeating. Best of all, Edwige has a great sense of humour and we laughed a lot through the lessons, which is surprising in the face of French grammar.


I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan, Edwige’s husband, who is equally warm and welcoming. I enjoyed sharing meals with them very much.


The studio accomodation is comfortable and well-equipped and has a little private terrace with lovely views of their garden and neighbouring vineyards. The village is a very beautiful and peaceful area. I found it a perfect balance for an immersion week to mix lessons and shared meals with some personal privacy and quiet time.


I highly recommend Edwige as a teacher, and an immersion stay. I’m sure I’ll return.

Année 2020 Online : Fran et David, Australia

David et Fran.jpg

Since we returned to Australia after a one week immersion with Edwige last year, we have continued with weekly Skype lessons with her. We look forward to our lessons each week with anticipation, as Edwige is a terrific teacher and boosts our confidence to speak and read French. 


We usually start each lesson with a conversation where we catch up with news. It has been nice throughout the terrible Coronovirus pandemic, where we are confined largely to our homes, to have direct contact with Edwige in France and learn first-hand how it is affecting people in France. In return, we have the opportunity to talk about what is happening with our friends and family. Edwige provides an interesting range of activities for us and varies them each week, and sets varied homework for us to keep our minds tuned to French during the week. As with her immersion teaching, she pitches her classes to our level and we have consolidated our vocabulary, pronunciation and our handle on grammar. Edwige speaks very clearly and we have found our speaking and listening skills have improved under her excellent tuition.  Apart from anything, her classes are a lot of fun and we laugh together as we struggle (as people in our 60s) to get our tongues around French pronunciation!


We have found learning on-line with her to be a good experience. The technology side of it works well. Edwige follows up each lesson with notes on various words or phrases so the flow of the lesson is not interrupted by constant corrections. We are very happy to recommend her on-line lessons to anyone wishing to improve their French, at any level.


Année 2020 Online: Ling, UK

I started having lessons with Edwige about 18 months ago on Skype and before that I had made several attempts to learn French. Edwige is definitely the best teacher that I have had. She is patient and is particularly good at helping me with my pronunciation and communication skill. Edwige has many years of experience which has helped her to identify the difficulties that previous teachers had ignored and enable me to improve substantially. In addition, during our classes, I have learned much about French society and culture. I recommend her highly.

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