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Your personal French tutor in France

Your personal French school in France!
Discover the French language and culture with a private tutor.


Those who follow us for a few years now, and you, who just arrived on this website for the first time, we are very happy to announce that after having a great experience teaching the French language in the Bordeaux region, we are delighted to welcome you in the beautiful region of Brittany. We are looking forward to share with you the diversity this region has to offer!


More than 

70 positive reviews!!

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Combine your holiday with a Residential French course!
Consistent and substantial improvement

Looking for a unique way to learn French? Your Life in French offers French immersion courses with a personal tutor. 

Find the right combination between studying, relaxing and visiting in Your own accommodation:  A 2 bedrooms house by the sea!

Decide the pace of your French learning program:

  • One-to-one Regular Stay: 15 hours of French, to which, you can add as many options as you like to enjoy your afternoons

  • One-to-one Exclusive Stay: 25 hours of French.  


Your professional French tutor is also trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and can give you personalized tips on finding the right objective or how to learn and memorize better.

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Stephen, USA

Edwige uses a number of teaching techniques that make learning effective, playful and fun!

Charles, Australia

Edwige went above and beyond to make my whole experience super enjoyable and memorable!

Maryly, USA

Edwige is a master at breaking things down into a simple and straightforward way.

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