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One minute a day ofFrench

Aaah les bonnes résolutions...!


Not always easy to commit to it especially when it involves learning and practicing a language!


Sometimes we just need a little help, a motivation, you know, like the good friend waiting for you in front of the swimming pool and you can't let them down!

That's why I've decided to help you to start this year with this One minute a day of French!

Why not in January? Because it always takes few days/weeks to react and act! Don't you think?

Why does it start on Wednesday 29th!!? For the same reason, 2 or 3 days to warm up, to print it out, to get used to it and then have an optimal month of learning in February!

So now you are all settled, have a look at the calendar, download it, print it and bring it to work or stick it on your fridge, the main thing is to have a look at it everyday!

It's designed to reach a wide range of levels so the days you find it too easy just add a little difficulty (like giving more details, finding 2 or 3 ways to say the same thing). Otherwise, on the opposite if you find it too difficult sometimes, then reduce the challenge by at least learning a new word or trying to build one simple sentence.

I hope you will like it!

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